Jack and the Beanstalk 2002

Dame Nelly-


Jolly Wolly-

King Pushover-

Princess Madeline-

Sergeant Slap-

Corporal Tickle-

Slimeball, the henchman-

TheVegetable fairy-

Dennis Ding, the town crier-

Giant Thunderguts-

Mrs Thunderguts-

Daisy the Cow-

The Harp-


Julie Aikens, Natalie Chilvers, Ellen Clay, Amy Ivins, Christine Wright, Sophie Aikens, Alice Bancroft-Turner, Lucy Dawson, Lucy Raper. 


Paul Wright

Tracey Brittle

John Raper

Ian Jones

Rachel Dunn

Chris Barcock

Pat Cox

Barry Barcock

Dawn Wiggins

Tim Gidley

Pete Overson

Geraldine Gallagher

Julie Aikens and Amy Ivins

Deirdre Tunney